infinite CD for unlimited music is the first infinite CD to be edited and distributed. This CD, once inserted in your computer, indefinitely generates music, always different, always similar. Beware that this CD does not work in your CD player, but only in your computer.

infinite CD for unlimited music contains the autonomous part of the system presented in the performance-installation MISS MISSING SYSTEM, at the ZAC99 exhibition, on October 28 1999, by Vincent Epplay, Joana Preiss and Antoine Schmitt.

The piece unlimited web music that your are hearing now is an adaptation of the CD specifically designed for the web, based on a subset of the CD sounds and using the same algorithms.

Sound samples design and creation: Vincent Epplay
Behavioral algorithms design and creation: Antoine Schmitt
Algorithmic composition: Vincent Epplay et Antoine Schmitt
Production: icono, Epplay, Schmitt
Paper graphic design: icono

Computer requirements:
Macintosh > PPC 180MHz, 32MbRAM, MacOS7.1
PC > 266 MHz, 32Mb RAM, Windows95

Copyright 1999 Vincent Epplay and Antoine Schmitt