Venus #1

Copyright Antoine Schmitt 1998-2003
All right reserved.

Venus #1 dances on music. It prefers jazz,classical, electro and slow techno. Insert a CD in your computer, or play music in the microphone, Venus #1 will like it (be sure to select the right input source - see below).

In silence, or when Venus #1 does not hear any sound, she waits while wandering slowly, in her own way.

Venus #1, through her very peculiar sound perception, gives us another lecture of the music and the sounds.



Venus #1 has appeared in installations, performances and concerts. Check out the documentation for more info, images and video !




Venus #1 uses the asFFT Xtra to hear the music. If you have any trouble with Venus #1, check out this page.

Venus #1 can also dance on other sources of music than the CD. If you input sound from other sources, be sure to select the right entry with your system tools.


See Venus #1 online




Demo Download

PC/Windows :
help file : ReadMe.txt
Venus #1 :

Macintosh :
help file : Read Me
Venus #1 : Venus.sit



Signed Edition

A special unlimited signed edition of Venus #1 on CD-Rom.

100 Euros. Send email for information.