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Exhibitions :

november 2002 : awarded an honorary mention at Life5.0competition (Spain)
november 2002 : exhibited not dying in the Violence Online Festival 3.0 (online)
april 2002 : awarded the Online Prize of the 11th Grand Prix International Video Danse CID/UNESCO
nov. 2001 : exhibited offline in the CYNETart international festival (Dresend - DE)
oct. 2001 : selected in the Vigil of Planetary Webart website
aug. 2001 : exhibited offline in the FILE FILE international festival (SaoPaulo - BR)
dec. 2000 : exhibited online in the Bookmarks exhibition of the Isea2000 symposium.
july 2000 : elected World's Best Site of the week by world-3000.com


Evolutions, on "avec détermination" by Isabel Saij

Press :

L'Artiste et l'Informaticien : Expérience sensible et esthétique de la cause
by Jean-Paul Fourmentraux
on Veille d'Art Planétaire en Réseau (october 2001)

Dance with it: Schmitt's interactive art
Although it may appear the US has a monopoly on spawning the world's leading Net artists, Paris is beginning to stake a claim [...]
now.com, then follow film&art>eyecontact (link broken)
(local cache)
Aaron Paul - Janvier 2001

Des formes sobres sur fond noir, jamais agressives, toujours vivantes [...]
Télérama - Janvier 2001 (broken link)
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minimale bewegungen
Der junge Künstler Antoine Schmidt lebt in Paris und daher in extremer Entfernung [...]
Die Tageszeitung - 23.11.2000

L'autre «French touch» brille sur le Net
in Libération Feb 2003

Paris Connection- Feb 2003 - A collaborative critical project about 6 french artists - Toronto, New York, Berlin, Rio - curator : Jim Andrews et al.

Cross-Cultural Ventures With Digital Artworks
in The New York Times Feb 2003